Even for active adults, cities can sometimes seem hectic. For the elderly, they can be overwhelming and even unsafe. So we built De un Amor in a Corralitos country setting that provides calm, restful conditions for our residents.

Unlike large, institutional facilities, De un Amor provides personal care with high staffing levels and caring personnel. So we’re able to not only care for our residents, but have the time to care about them as well.

A Cheerful Country Home

Cherry Blossoms Are Now In Bloom!

Inside looks like a home, not a hospital. Our Private rooms are cheerful, light, airy, colorful, and the doors to the outside are never locked. So residents can come and go as they’re able to. The public rooms have big sunny windows and even large stone fireplace for winter evenings. Our only house rules are those we need for resident safety. This is their home and we want it to feel like one.

Providing Care and Comfort

While all of our residents are dealing with some challenge that makes them unable to live alone, they all deserve to enjoy their life in tranquility. At De un Amor, we do our best to make sure they can. De un Amor provides everything our residents need.


“Thank you for running such a fine facility as De Un Amore. It is in a beautiful setting and has a warm, non institutional atmosphere which made it as pleasure to visit. But more important, I consider myself lucky to have been able to turn my mother over to the care of your staff, all of whom I felt were generously concerned with the well being of the residents.”