What Families Say

We have had, over the years, may happy families come and stay with us. We have so many people writing us that we thought it might.


This is just a short note to say thank you for running such a fine facility as De Un Amore. It is in a beautiful setting and has a warm, non institutional atmosphere which made it as pleasure to visit. But more important, I consider myself lucky to have been able tot urn my mother over to the care of your staff, all of whom I felt were generously concerned with the well being of the residents. I know that some of them really cared about my mother, so what more could anyone ask. Because of all these things, I think my mother was as content and comfortable as anyone in her situation could possibly be, and I am glad that when she finally had to move to Valley Convalescent Hospital, it wasn‘t for a long time before nature finally took its course.

I‘m sure I’ll bump into you from time to time, so until then, my sister Deborah joins me in saying thank you and wishing you the very best.

Yours sincerely,
Dave Buitron

I cannot begin to express how grateful my sister and I are that you and your kind staff were there to care for our mother, Minnia Jones, these past few years. Your endless patience, dedication, professionalism and obvious love for the elderly shines through like a beacon of light every day for all the residents at De Un Amor.

I know that my mother could test anyone’s patience beyond reason, but you and your staff never showed any signs of giving up on her. When you can turn around a frightened or angry resident’s behavior to one that feels safe and happy, you know you have done your job well.

You accomplished this with mother…along with the help of some medication! I watched her allow you and the staff to take care of her and love her. This was a major accomplishment for Minnia…to give in and allow someone to help her instead of doing everything herself! Thank you!
Bonnie Dunn and the entire Jones Family

I wanted to thank you and all the staff of De un Amor for taking such good care of my mom, Agnes Powell, over the five long years that mom was in your care. Everyone there was always so patient with and kind to my dad, my siblings, and myself even when some of us were not always so with you. The work you all do is difficult at best and I want everyone there to know that their efforts are recognized and appreciated. Please share these small tokens of my gratitude and thanks with the staff. I hope you will all enjoy them.
Ardith Hamilton

I wish to thank each of you for all the many courtesies that you have extended to my wife, Olive. I am certain that Olive is aware of your kindnesses, even though she is unable toe express them in organized, understandable language.

At times, Olive‘s repetitive speech pattern is irritating and difficult to ignore. Yet each one of you was gracious and tolerated her senseless litany. It was, after all, her search for some personal identity, if you will, within the social structure of De Un Amore.

I feel quite fortunate to have been able to share a brief period each day with Olive, the wonderful staff and tolerant residents of De Un Amore.

Good luck to all of you and may your journey be swift and without pain.

Frank P Robinson (the guy who visits Olive every day)

Qulero darles las gracios por toda la cortesia que le brindaron a mi esposa, Olivoisa durante el tiempo que ella estuvo con ustedes. Muchas veces el hable de Olivia era molesto, sin embargo todas ustedes fueron muey nobles. Nunca olvidaré su bondad. Bueno suerte todas, y que su jornada sea interes, pronto, y sindolar.
Don Francisco Rubusino